5 Pillar Articles to Help You Creating Amazing Blog Content

The pillar articles are like the foundation of your blog. If you know the essential pillar articles, your blog’s traffic will increase and you will engage more readers. Here are the essential common pillar articles that you should post to your blog.

First Pillar Article: The Article about “How-to”

This is a basic pillar concept. What you just need to is to think of your expertise area and write something that readers can learn about how to do it. Make sure that you write only how-to articles on the topic that you master how to do. It will be much better if you ever experienced it. Here are a few examples:

  • If your blog is about cats, you can suggest your readers about how to choose a cat’s name
  • If you are a marketing consultant, it will be great to write several tips and advice related to how to market a business by spending limited budget.
Pillar Articles
Pillar Articles

Second Pillar Article: The Definition Article

A lot of industries mostly have important concepts that new readers do not have any idea about. If one concept is difficult to understand, then create a pillar article that explains the concept’s definition. It sounds clear and so simple to you about the definition of that important concept, but not for the newbies. That’s why try to use simple terms to define it and give an example.

Third Pillar Article: Present an Argument or a Theory

If you write about literature in your blog, writing an article about discussing a novel of your choice then choose a theory that can help you to analyze it. It will be an amazing pillar article. The essential thing is that you need to show some one-of-a-kind ideas. Write your opinion on the highlighted issue at to make your readers interested.

Fourth Pillar Article: Provide a Resource

This is probably one of the pillar articles that most readers like. You can provide a free e-course, whitepaper (a small document contains around 2-9 pages that teaches how to do something), and free report in your blog.

Pillar Articles
Pillar Articles

Fifth Pillar Article: List Article

There is no doubt that list article can work like a magic. You have seen a lot of blog title that pretty much like: “Top 3 Benefits of…” or “5 Easy Steps to…”. List article is what most people like since lists can be digested by human a lot easier. The other reason is list can give actionable tips directly and people can share the lists with the others.

So, those are the 5 pillar articles you should insert to your blog. Good luck!

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