Do You Want to Get Profit from Blogging Activities? Come on, Increase the Number of Visitors!

In the digital era like now, income can come from anywhere, including through the internet. Starting from the website or blog can be a field of income that provides a sizable income.

But to be able to produce, blogs must be supported by a large number of visitors as well. So that later you can get profit from blogging through endorse, advertising, and others. Then, how do you get so many readers visiting our site or blog?

Try to Select a Paid Blog

Indeed, there are many blog pages that offer it free to users. But, to get maximum results also to get income from blogs, then look for paid and manage blogs with interesting and useful content. So that there will be many visited by readers and by itself your blog is famous.

Paid Blog
Paid Blog

Buy Domains and ‘Hosting’

If you are indeed serious about managing a blog to get profit from blogging, then there is nothing wrong if you have your own hosting and domain. Because this can make your site or blog rank high in the search engines.

But to have your own domain and hosting is not free. You have to pay a fee each month. If you only want to create a personal blog, choose accordingly. Having a domain and hosting makes your blog look like a trusted site.

Create Good and Quality Content

However, good and quality content is important in a site or blog. Having quality and interesting content certainly makes you have a lot of visitors who visit.

Create Good and Quality Content
Create Good and Quality Content

If these readers like the content that you write, then they will certainly share the content or blog that you have on various social media. So that makes you have a lot of backlinks.

Give a Name and ‘Caption’ to Each Image

Every time you include or upload an image in a blog, be sure to give a name and description (caption) to each picture. Images are needed to be able to illustrate and clarify the contents of your content.

Not only a media to communicate content to readers, but it also can be a reference for Google in selecting information. If you do not provide a clear title and caption on the uploaded images, of course, the images cannot be read by Google’s search engine.

Use Title and Tags or SEO Friendly Keywords

Title and tags become the most important part of a site. This will make Google better recognize the blog you have. So pay close attention to the use of titles and tags that you embed.

In addition, use keywords (keywords) that are indeed widely searched on the internet. To make an interesting title, it’s important to know what keywords might be used often in search engines.

SEO Friendly Keywords
SEO Friendly Keywords

Not only in the title, but you also need to put the keyword in the tag. The more creative the keywords you use, the more friendly your website will be.

The shorter the URL the more it will create high traffic

URL creation needs to be considered carefully at the beginning. URLs can be automatically formed, such as unlimited long sentences. But these types of URLs make your posts unsightly and certainly not SEO friendly.

So that more visitors come to your website, it is better to enter keywords in the URL. The shorter the URL, the more posts you post can be found.

If you have got many visitors, then, it is very easy for you to get a profit from blogging.

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