How to Create Your Own Music Blog

Do you have an idea to start your own music blog? Then here are the tips for you to follow. Let’s check them out!

Find Inspiration

The first step that is really important is to find inspiration. You should take a look at the most successful blog about music nowadays on the internet. Consider them as your inspiration to start a music blog even though their genre is totally different with the genre you like. Find the common things you can adapt and modify and give your opinion why that music blog is unique. Remember that the aim of finding is inspiration is not to copy it, but gain some general ideas of reliable resources at

pop star
pop star

Choose a Genre and Define the Aims of Your Blog

The next step is to decide the genre and aims of your music blog. Make sure that the music blog you have in mind is not a typical music blog that already exist currently. This step is essential since you need to tell the audiences why your music blog is unique compares to the other. Once again, take a look at successful music blogs and see how they connect to their audiences with unique method.

Think about Your Blog

In the beginning of music blog, music blog is all about posting a music video or a song and write a short review. But this is not the case you are facing. Recently, music blog contains all the reviews that the writer writes passionately about songs or singers in an informative way. But a little suggestion for you is that, you should write more than just reviews.

You should think a few topics when you are starting a music blog, other than just writing about reviews. Here are some ideas you can use:

  • Music history
  • Interviews with local bands and musicians
  • Fun facts about the artists you blog about
  • Interviews with touring bands and musicians
  • Discussions about how your genre is unique around the globe
  • Interviews with local or traveling industry professionals
pop star
pop star

Keep Being Consistent and Creative

Last but not least, you should keep being consistent and creative to succeed in this professional blogging area. You should update your blog with the content at least twice in a week to keep your visitors stay visiting your blog. Don’t forget to set detail aims for the amount of the music reviews you want to post every week.

We hope those tips can help you start your music blog that is unique from others. Good luck!

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