How to Publish a SEO-Friendly Blog Post for Beginners

Having a good writing is not enough to engage more readers and increase your blog’s visibility and rank in the search engine. When you start a blog post that is new, a lot of bloggers consider make it SEO-friendly. How to do it? Let’s check these tips.

Think Carefully before Writing

The first tip is to think thoroughly about the message of your writing. Think about these following questions:

  • What is the aim of your article?
  • What is the main question you want to answer and how you tell the reader?
  • What do you want your readers do after reading your article

After you analyze those questions, now it is the time to write down all the answers. Try to think how you put the answers to your writing.

Blog Post for Beginners
Blog Post for Beginners

Have a Clear Structure

It is important to have a clear structure for every post in your blog. You should consider these things in every of your post:

  • A clear introduction related to the topic you are going to write
  • A body that contains main message
  • A conclusion that summarizes the key of the ideas or draw your conclusion in the end of your writing

Include Paragraphs

Everyone uses paragraphs, but perhaps not everyone can use them in a good way. Avoid making a new line for every sentence. Every paragraph should have its own subject or idea. Don’t forget to ask yourself about the main idea of every paragraph because in the end you need to summarize all of them or draw the conclusion. If you need more sentences, just add more paragraphs.

Blog Post for Beginners
Blog Post for Beginners

Put Signal Words

You can help your readers scan through your writing and get the main idea by putting signal words. The example is when you want to tell your readers three reasons why they should buy your products. You can use sequence like ‘first’, ‘second’, ‘third’ and other. The other way to use signal words is by using ‘indeed’, ‘surely’, and ‘nevertheless’ for your readers. Signal words are important to make the structure of your writing clearer.

Blog Post for Beginners
Blog Post for Beginners

Ask for Opinion from Other People

Before you hit the ‘Publish’ button, we suggest you to let other people read it first. Those people can be your friends or family. Ask their opinion about your writing. From here, you can tell whether they understand your writing and get the main concept or not. They can help you in spotting some grammatical errors or typos.

Those are the easy tips to make every of your posting SEO-friendly. We hope they can help you building a good structure post and increase the rank of your blog in the search engine. Good luck!

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