How to Start Your Own Blog

There are a few steps to create a personal blog by your own. First of all, you need a name for your blog. You should decide the best one and the name will be your domain name. Next, choose a blogging platform that you think is the best. We give you recommendation to choose with the self-hosted platform. You can a few options of self-hosted platforms and one of them is WordPress. After that, you can choose a provider of a web hosting. For new bloggers, we suggest Bluehost which more than 1 million websites use worldwide. In the beginning, you will get a free domain name once you sign up. Here are the detail steps.

Step One

When you decide the platform you are going to use, just go to the “Exclusive Offer” page. After that, click on the page where you can see “Get Started Now”.

personal blog
personal blog

Step Two

It is highly recommended for you to choose the basic plan if that hosting account will be your first account ever. Basic plan accommodates everything you need while you are thinking for the next plan that covers all you need. Basic plan also has tools and features that can help beginners set up a new blog. If in the next few months you already master all features and you need an upgrade, you can consider other plan that is suitable for you.

Step Three

The name of your domain has an important role in the development of your blog in the future. That’s why it is essential for you to consider a great domain name that is easy for people to remember. When you have made up your mind, insert the name in the column of “new domain” and select your Top-Level Domain. After that, in the box of “new domain”, you can type the name of your chosen domain and the platform will tell you whether that name is available or not. The platform will suggest another name that is similar to it.

personal blog
personal blog


We hope that this article can make you learn a lot of things especially to start your blog on your own. There are many great platforms to help you start building it. If you are successful to manage your blog, then your next job is to keep all of your readers engaged and satisfied. You can read more our article collections related to blogging to find out more what you should do to be a better blogger. Good luck!

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