How to Utilize a Blog to Make Money

How to Utilize a Blog to Make Money. Utilizing blogs to make money now has become a profession for everyone. Of course, those who use blogs to make money are usually those who have a hobby of writing one of them.

Also, various other things make people use blogs to make money. In this case, the blog has several goals that are used by everyone to be able to maximize the use of the blog, especially in business matters.

Blog Function

Promotion Media

How to Utilize a Blog to Make Money
How to Utilize a Blog to Make Money

The many who use the internet today to access various information they need to encourage blogs to become a promotional medium for business people to promote their products widely so that they can be easily seen by others.

Also, promoting a blog is considered to be able to reduce the cost of the promotion itself. Promotion through the internet is felt to be cheaper by business people themselves rather than having to carry out promotions directly to the public.

Private Media

How to Utilize a Blog to Make Money
How to Utilize private media to Make Money

Blogs used to be only used as private media by a handful of people. In this case, blogs are often used for them to share their stories, their views, or just to be a place of their hearts.

In this case, of course, the blog will only be shown specifically to a few people and cannot be seen by everyone. Because the thing that is loaded is considered to contain things that contain sensitive information from the blog owner itself, except in terms of sharing their views on a matter.

Usually, motivators will use this blog to share brand views or stories that can inspire followers or readers. By looking at various motivational content in his blog, of course from here a motivator can promote himself to be able to work with certain parties later.

Advertising Media

How to Utilize a Blog to Make Money
advertising media

This is a fact of the fact that is happening right now. The blog has become a place for advertising other than as a place of information. Just pay attention when you access a blog, surely later on some side, there will be ad attachments that you can see.

This is what is usually used by blog owners to bring money to them through the blogs they have.

How to Create A Blog So You Can Make Money

Decide on a Blog Theme

Before planning to make your blog can bring you money, you need to focus first on your blog. You can choose a theme or focus on what you will discuss in your blog.

If you have hobbies like traveling besides writing, then you can share interesting stories on your blog. Or if you like cooking, then you can share your recipe or share recipes that are popular right now.


Do this consistently. There is no instant thing in building a thing, so also build trust so that people want to access your blog. Always update various interesting content that might attract the attention of other visitors.


It’s not difficult to make money from a blog. It’s just that it takes a long time to be able to realize this. If you do it diligently, patiently, and consistently, then later you can be sure that the blog that you manage will make money as you expect.

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